Art by Ben Phillips.

Ben Phillips creates mixed media art pieces inspired by the energy and vibrancy of the world's largest cities.

Working predominantly in collage, Ben complements his artworks with dipping pens, markers, oil pastels alongside bold additions of acrylic paints and regular household satins.  Creating texture through collage, Phillips uses bold shapes married with cuttings from newspapers, fashion publications and design magazines to add interest and details to buildings, streets, skylines and street ‘furniture’.  The whole layering effect speaks to the various layers of activity found within some of our most loved cities, his current fascination, London, forms the basis of his brand new collection of artwork, The London Series, now available in the Shop.

The London Series, 2016

London is Ben Phillip's current love, and the subject of his debut collection, The London Series. Five pieces make up this collection, each exploring the skyline of the city at different times of day and featuring iconic landmarks of one of the world's most vibrant cities. In The London Series, Phillips has sought to create a portfolio of captivating artworks, that play with light and texture, and give an impression of both the energy and serenity of this metropolis.